About Martine's Chocolates

Photo of Martine behind counter in chocolate shop.

Martine's Chocolates are gourmet chocolates, handmade fresh daily, right in front of the customers, by Martine's own chefs chocolatiers, at Martine's Chocolates shop in Manhattan.

The ingredients used to prepare Martine's Chocolates are fresh, natural and the finest that can be found (Belgian Callebaut couverture chocolate, French butter, fresh American cream, etc.). No preservatives are used. That is why Martine's Chocolates require special care. Chocolates with fresh cream centers should be refrigerated and enjoyed within five days of purchase. Truffles should be refrigerated and enjoyed within two weeks of purchase (instructions are in the box). Other pieces can last 2 weeks at normal room temperature (70° F), or at least 3 weeks when refrigerated...if one can resist the temptation.

Martine's Chocolates can be purchased by the piece. Martine's signature pink boxes are filled according to each customer's wish Photo of chocolate display (our assortments du jour are prepared only for your convenience). Our array of products varies with seasons and holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, etc.). Hand-molded/decorated solid chocolate creations and customized products (including logos and monograms) can be ordered for weddings, parties, corporate events/gifts, luxury brands promotions or any other occasion.

Martine's Chocolates come in different, attractive, whimsical shapes. Each shape has a different center. Most come in milk and dark chocolate. All of them have a distinctive character and body that leaves the most pleasant and lasting "mouth feel", without the excessive sweetness present in mass-produced chocolates.

The same is true of Martine's solid chocolate creations (e.g., figurines). Hand molded and hand decorated with food coloring, they can be personalized on the premises, and made to order.

Martine's Chocolates have been rated the best. Tasting them while inhaling the aromas wafting throughout the store is an experience no one forgets. Martine's Chocolates are made only in Manhattan, at 400 East 82nd Street, right off First Avenue. They are sold and shipped all over the world (FedEx or DHL).

Martine Leventer is the owner and president of Martine's Chocolate Collection, Inc., a private company she founded in 1992.